4-way spandex woven interlinling has become a market highlight


4-way spandex woven interlining is a kind of fabric that has elasticity in the upper and lower left and right stretch. It can adapt to the diversity of human activities, with stretching and shrinking, light and comfortable, but also to keep the shape of the garment flat, the knees, elbows and other parts of the clothes do not wear a long time and deformation bulge.

4-way spandex woven interlining  in spandex contains the most proportion, can be simply identified as spandex fabric, this fabric is widely used, mostly for sofa covers, clothing and other fields. Because this fabric has a very good elasticity, so it is very suitable for use in women's clothing. In recent years, women's bottoms is the use of this fabric, good elasticity and wear particularly comfortable, of course, used in some other such as home textiles, toys, crafts is also a good choice.

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