A shirt that loosens you up at first sight


In life, it is inevitable that you will encounter some hiccups in the dressing process.


On your wedding anniversary, you pull out the shirt you wore on your first date from your closet and want to create a heartbeat for your wife when you hold hands for the first time. However, before leaving the house, I felt unable to breathe because of the tight neckline. I could only take off the shirt and sigh, "This is the legendary fat of happiness".


The shirt you just bought two months ago, the fit and fashionable color scheme let you get a lot of praise. But after washing it several times, I found that the collar began to loosen and deform. After trying to take care of it to no avail, it can only be pressed into the bottom of the box.

These small accidents in daily life make you "surprised" and confused. KIND high-quality shirt fusing fabric interlining can help you solve the problem of tight or loose shirt collar, bringing you comfortable, beautiful and durable shirts.


High quality elastic bonded lining fabric

The perfect balance of comfort and functionality

In addition to skin-friendly fabrics, a stretchy, non-tight collar is also a key factor in determining the comfort of a shirt. Our Cotton Shirt Bonded Interlining 35xx range is made from high quality stretch cotton with a natural feel. This range of interlinings can be matched with stretchy shirt fabrics for collars, cuffs, plackets and other areas.

KIND's shirt interlining has up to 20% stretch strength, giving the shirt collar and other application areas a good feel and superior stretch, achieving the perfect balance of comfort and functionality. In addition, this series of interlining can be 100% restored to its original size. While ensuring that application areas such as shirt collars are not tightened, they effectively prevent deformation and extend the life of the shirt from the "collar".


Satisfactory solutions for a full range of shirts

As the world's leading supplier of garment interlining and finished accessories, KIND offers a comprehensive range of interlining products for all types of shirts. Whether it's formal shirts, casual shirts, or workwear and uniform shirts (including adult uniforms and children's clothing), we have the solution for you.