Confessions of a interlining factory


Hey guys. My name is KIND and I am a professional, advanced technology manufacturer of high and medium grade fusible interlining with world advanced production machinery. My products include suit linings, fashion linings, shirt linings, casual wear linings, various sizes of waist linings, drawstring linings, end play linings, etc. Our products can match with a wide range of fabrics such as cotton, wool, linen silk chemical fiber. The annual production capacity is 120 million meters.


As a professional interlining manufacturer, I strictly follow the requirements of the ISO9001 quality management system and a unified management model to implement strict quality control for every metre of interlining and every production step, from the purchase of raw materials to the release of finished products. I also have a professional testing centre equipped with advanced testing instruments and equipment to test the physical and chemical properties of each product and to enhance inspection. I guarantee that substandard products will never appear on my watch.



In addition, I also have a number of production lines such as round mesh double dot coating equipment, powder dot coating, mesh coating, dripping coating, laminated coating and laminating coating to ensure uniform coating and soft hand feel of the interlining fabric, and the use of hot melt adhesive imported from the world to make the interlining fabric bonding strength high and soft hand feel, while ensuring that the interlining fabric is resistant to water washing, dry cleaning and enzyme washing functions. The professional and perfect production line makes our production capacity and production quality get strong guarantee.

As a first-class interlining enterprise, I must provide solutions for garment industrial interlining applications with advanced production equipment, a strong R&D team, first-class production processes, perfect testing methods and a scientific management system to meet the market demand for high-quality products from our customers.


In recent years, a green and healthy ecological environment and a sustainable economic society have gradually become the focus of attention for all mankind. Green fabrics have not only been the pursuit of fashion designers, but also the trend of the apparel industry, and are gradually becoming a subjective purchase desire of consumers. I also uphold my responsibility to society and the environment by actively developing innovative and sustainable solutions for the apparel industry.

This is because I have a complete production chain and advanced testing instruments and equipment. So every step required for the production of my interlinings can be completed in one go at my home, without the need for secondary processing at other factories. This reduces the delivery time and also reduces the environmental pollution caused by the transport of the interlining.


In the future, I will continue to lead the way in the interlining industry, focusing on green, energy-saving and consumption-reducing initiatives, actively providing high-end green products and excellent services to the global garment industry, and jointly meeting the ever-changing market challenges.