Different bonded linings give a different feel to a suit


The bonded lining of a suit is a chemical fibre which is forcibly bonded to the wool fibre (i.e. the fabric) by means of high temperatures, thus producing a certain shaping effect for the suit with the help of the chemical fibre. High-grade suits have strict requirements for tailoring, fabrics and accessories. How do we generally identify the lining of the suit we choose? Here's what we  KIND can tell you.

Bonded Lining Suits

The main feature of this process is that the large body is lined with bonded lining, with wool lining, chest fleece, shoulder pads and reinforced lining, making the appearance of the effect feel brace, giving people a strict, upright and dignified feeling. In addition, the market is gradually seeing the emergence of half-lined suits and cool suits (the lining is made of mesh lining and the chest fleece is removed, making it breathable and lighter, softer and more comfortable to wear). The bonded lining process is an ordinary process in the suit making process, and is the main production process for suits, especially for men's suits in the middle and lower grades.


(Bond Interlining)


Semi-fur lined suits

It is a technically upgraded, high-grade product compared to ordinary bonded lining suits. In terms of material selection, the semi-wool core suits have very strict requirements in terms of face and accessories in order to better realise the characteristics of the process. In terms of fabric selection, the fabrics required are pure woollen, high-count worsted fabrics with good elasticity, strong drape and a smooth feel; the woollen lining must be thin, soft and flexible, with good shrinkage and a high woollen content; for the spun lining, it must also be a spun lining with a high yarn count, thin and soft, with a good soft feel after bonding. The standard of semi-wool core suits in terms of technology requirements is very high, and the technical requirements of workers are also very high. As the former barge of semi-wool core suits are not lined, so the wool lining and the fabric should be directly fibre sewn on, which requires the wool lining and the fabric to be evenly fibrous and appropriate, with proper tightness. It is also a key point of the process that the woollen lining must be fibrous to the fabric and must not penetrate the needle, so that the two barges can be turned out naturally after fibrous sewing without the need for pressing. The production of the semi-wool core suit fully reflects the feel of the fabric and the elasticity of the wool lining, while fully reflecting the comfort of the first part of the suit, giving a natural soft three-dimensional feeling, a collection of body shape and comfort in one.


Full wool lined suits

This is a product of the highest quality. Comfortable, natural and straight to wear, the sleeves are lined with a lining that is distinct from the larger body, smooth and easy to put on and take off, and is also a new type of technical process for high-end suits. In the production process, a fully automatic wool core machine is used to sew the fabric and wool lining together. Due to the complexity and time consuming nature of the process, the cost of the material is very high and the price is expensive, so the range of people who can wear it is somewhat limited. It is suitable for people of high status or refined taste.