Dispensing compounding technology: retain the fabric touch, let the fabric keep "breathing"


The weekend is coming! After a busy week, put on the sports undershirt and fitness pants purchased not long ago to "jerk off", but found that: the sports undershirt does not breathe when running, a few moments to bore a sweat; running, fitness pants, the waist head rubbed together. The rare fitness program had to be abandoned.

Did you know? KIND, a leading global supplier of apparel interlinings and accessories, is committed to providing innovative, high-quality laminating technology to our customers and has developed a solution that addresses many of these laminating pain points. -dispensing compounding technology.

What is dispensing lamination technology?

Spot lamination is an innovative lamination technology that uses advanced adhesives and a minimum number of "bonding points" to achieve superior lamination between different fabrics while retaining the natural feel, softness and appearance of the fabric to the greatest extent possible.

In addition, the dotted lamination technology range has a lighter weight and allows the laminated area to breathe better. In addition, compared with other lamination technologies, the application of dispensing lamination technology is more diversified, creating more possibilities for garment design and application.

Preserving the feel and touch of the fabric

The structure of the bonding material often affects the touch and feel of the laminated part of the fabric. Compared to traditional laminating technologies, dispensing laminating technology has unique advantages. With dispensing lamination, excellent lamination between different fabrics can be achieved with a minimum number of "bonding points". The yarns of the fabric can "move freely" and stretch to maximize the original stretch, recovery and softness of the fabric, thus making the laminated part more comfortable and soft to the touch.

Maximize the original appearance of the fabric

The stretching and recovery force of the laminated part is one of the important indicators of the lamination effect. The gap between the glue dots of the dot lamination technology enables the fabric to be stretched according to its natural characteristics after lamination. Compared with the traditional lamination technology, the fabric can be better restored to its original appearance after being stretched several times with the dispensing lamination technology. In addition, dispensing lamination technology can maximize the original appearance of the fabric and minimize the deformation of the fabric.


Thinner and lighter

The gram weight of the dispensing lamination technology series products is 20-27g/m2, which is much lower compared with the traditional lamination technology. The lower gram weight makes the composite part thinner and lighter. The use of dispensing lamination technology, so that consumers no longer have to worry about the "weight of the movement".

Better Breathability

The gaps between the glue dots of the dispensing lamination technology can keep the breathability of the fabric. By laminating with spot lamination technology, sweat can drain out through the gaps between the dots, giving functional sportswear and underwear superior moisture wicking and breathability, as well as better performance and comfort.


More laminating possibilities

Compared with the traditional lamination technology, the dispensing lamination technology can better control the appearance of the laminated part and the original characteristics of the fabric, solve a variety of lamination pain points, and make the lamination more widely used. By matching different elastic interlinings, the dispensing lamination technology can also create more possibilities: for example, by matching different elastic interlinings of the Cordura Baby Plume XB series, the appearance of the waistband of sports pants can be improved and the degree of elasticity (from high elasticity to non-elasticity) can be adjusted according to demand.

Better lace and openwork fabric lamination effect

The unique structure of the dispensing lamination technology is a great help for lace and openwork lamination. Lace products laminated with dispensing lamination technology can avoid glue overflow, and the invisible and light lamination greatly improves the beauty and texture of the product.


Composite technology, although not directly visible on the exterior of the garment, is an important part of quality clothing.