Do you know all these things in the process of using non-woven interlining?


Non-woven interlining in the clothing has been very widely used, its low price and a wide range of applications cover the entire clothing manufacturing process, no matter what grade of clothing basically can find the figure of non-woven linterlining, it is so popular in addition to the characteristics of the bonded interlining itself, non-woven interlining there are many advantages that you do not necessarily know.

Non-woven linterlining can be folded more and thicker when cutting, which is convenient for cutting. Non-woven interlining also has a very neat cutting edge when cutting, and will not fall apart; this comes from the fact that non-woven linterlining is both elastic and tough.

The dimensional stability of non-woven interlining is better, which can be coordinated with the fabric and can cope with the shrinkage of the fabric with ease and avoid wrinkles.

Non-woven linterlining is not directional, so the layout and cutting is more casual, free and convenient, and can also reduce waste and save costs.

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