Eco-friendly interlining, interlining for shirts and garments


KIND collar interlining series are made of cotton backing fabric as the base, and the latest gluing technology and environmental friendly hot melt glue powder are used to produce a series of high quality bonded interlining fabrics. Even after many washings, its good handfeel and appearance remain unchanged. Through extremely strict quality control, the shrinkage rate standards meet the international requirements.


This product is suitable for high-grade shirt interlining and has passed the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Swiss textile environmental protection certification, and the glue powder is environmentally friendly. It is suitable for lining the collar, cuffs and placket of men's and women's shirts, and has the function of wrinkle resistance, resilience and permanent shaping. Resistant to dry cleaning and washing.


Advantages of KIND interlining.

1. Smooth and clean fabric surface, even bar.

2. Standard yarn density, standard gram weight.

3. Elasticity and good handfeel of interlining.

4. Low formaldehyde, low shrinkage rate.

5. High quality, environmental protection, affordable.