Introduction of hair interlining composition and function


Hair interlining is made of cotton, man-made fibers and animal hair blended interweaving, commonly used animal hair such as: goat hair, yak hair, human hair, etc., generally pure cotton yarn as the warp yarn, by the hair and man-made fiber blended as the weft yarn interweaving woven from; due to the strong elasticity of goat hair, yak hair, wrinkle resistance is also outstanding, black charcoal lining is widely used in high-grade clothing large body The black charcoal lining is widely used in high-grade clothing, such as large body, sleeve cage and shoulder.


Hair interlining can be used well with horsetail interlining, and also with other knitted and non-woven interlinings; black charcoal interlining is an ideal high-end garment interlining.

The role of hair interlining

1. Give the garment a beautiful curve and shape

2. Enhance the stiffness and elasticity of garments

3. Improve the drape of garments and enhance the sense of three-dimensionality

4. Prevent clothing deformation, to ensure that the expected design effect

5. To strengthen the local reinforcement of the garment

6. Enhance the sense of thickness, fullness, and insulation of clothing.