Overview of warp knitted fusible interfacing


The classification of the warp knitted fusible lining is introduced, modern clothing, demanded in the wearing style to reflect comfortable, soft, light and casual elasticity. As the "skeleton of the garment", the fusible interfacing is an indispensable accessory for the garment, and its reasonable cooperation with the fabric can not only fully reflect the design ideas of the garment designer, but also achieve a good visual effect. Warp-knitted fusible interfacing is a kind of interfacing, which refers to the use of warp-knitted fabric as the base fabric, through the powder point, pulp point, double point and other coating methods to make clothing with fusible interfacing.


Classification of warp knitting bonded lining 

1, warp knitting not lined with weft lining: made of polyester filament for warp yarn (single comb) crochet, no lining weft yarn, weft stretching, cloth surface more into a net and relatively thin, mainly used for warp and weft to have greater elasticity of fabrics such as Dupont's Lycra, the activities of the greater range of clothing parts and bonding lining bonding strength requirements of clothing is not high, more than the use of micro-fine powder point method of coating, the amount of coating is relatively small.

2, warp knitting full width lining weft lining: a kind of pile lining weft lining, lining weft yarn with viscose yarn, pile after the base fabric feel soft, because of the use of powder point coating elastic feel poor, easy to blister, heat shrinkage rate and shrinkage rate is difficult to control, fabric adaptability is not wide, has not been popular, but some soft feel pile double comb lining weft varieties with double point coating, to overcome the shortcomings of the powder point coating, expand the adaptability of the fabric, in many medium Thick outerwear and uniforms or more use.

3, polyester low stretch silk lining weft lining: general single comb section weave more, double comb, more comb section weave process to be more complex, the variety is still less. Low-stretch silk lining weft lining is currently the mainstream warp knitting adhesive lining varieties, widely used. The double dot method of coating is effective and has a wider range of applications. It is better to use moisture-curing reactive polyurethane hot-melt adhesives, which are strong, resistant to dry-cleaning and washing, and do not bleed.