Weft insert interlining, the favorite interlining fabric for fall and winter clothing


Weft insert interlining is a kind of thicker and heavier garment interlining, from 63gsm-120gsm or more, mostly used in autumn and winter garments. In general, it is much cheaper to use weft insert interlining as a large body lining than black charcoal interlining and other thick water jet interlining, so mid-range suits, jackets and coats will prefer weft insert interlining; weft insert interlining can be seen from its name that its surface is made of many hairs. Therefore, the feel is quite soft, and due to its special structure, the bracing and reinforcement of brushed interlining are quite good.


Detail picture of weft insert interlining


Detail picture of weft insert interlining

In the process of using weft insert interlining and other types of interlining, the same attention should be paid to the bonding parameters, for different fabrics in advance of the size of the sample, fine-tuning the bonding conditions so as to bring out the best performance of weft insert interlining.