KIND interfacing | Professional manufacturer,Quality assurance


Founded in 2004, KIND is a high and medium grade fusible interfacing manufacturer with professional standard and advanced technology, with a monthly output of 10 million meters of interfacing fabric, which is exported to East Asia, Europe and America. With perfect testing methods, scientific management system, we have passed the OEKO, TEX, TANDARD100 Annex 6 certification, and passed ISO9001:2015, ISO14001 multiple certification to ensure consistent excellent product quality!

Over the years, the brand of KIND interfacing has been unique in the field of medium and high-grade interfacing. After nearly 20 years of development, we have established close cooperation with many domestic and international famous brands and garment manufacturers, and our products are exported to Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, Europe, South America, North America and other regions and countries.


China is a large producer of interfacing fabric, and the export volume of interfacing fabric is in the forefront of the world. In the fierce competition, enterprises without core technology and advanced equipment will be eliminated from the market, and the core technology is used as the backbone of the enterprise. As the competition becomes more and more intense, the  interfacing industry starts to shift from low price to high quality, high grade, and the route of first-class service.

In the face of such a serious situation, KIND interfacing has implemented a brand strategy to develop interfacings that are more suitable for high-grade garments, so as to improve the core technology of the brand. The environmental protection of the products developed by KIND interfacing has reached the national and European standards, which has improved the competitiveness of the company in the same industry.

Nowadays, the position of interfacing is more and more important in the auxiliary material industry, and KIND interfacing attaches importance to the development of branding and service, and will always uphold the business philosophy of "high-end quality, persistent innovation and excellent service" to provide our customers with better products and better service experience.