Light coat special lining|Create the winter dashing


In the closet, it is essential to have a coat

In autumn and winter, the most worn coat is the coat

Some people love its elegance and style

Some people love its simplicity and generosity

Appreciate its high class appearance

Pay attention to its inner little secrets too

Discover the "bones" of the coat shape

Special lining for light coats


Light + big point

Interlining is the skeleton of the garment, and good interlining is the essence of the garment. Light coat special interlining, light texture, soft hand, keep the softness and drape of light coarse woven fabric, and also can enhance the stiffness and three-dimensionality of the coat.

Big point products are targeted for men's and women's coats, cashmere and other coarse woven fabrics.


Moderate elasticity in warp and weft

Light coat lining with moderate elasticity in warp and weft direction to maintain a good structural shape and stable size of the coat and to achieve the ideal modeling requirements.

Low-temperature powder + dry-cleaning resistant

Light coat lining, using low-temperature rubber powder, very suitable for cashmere coarse spinning fabric with high moisture content.


KIND interlining has now passed various strength certifications

Always regard product quality as the first

In the production process

From the raw materials into the factory to the finished products out of the factory

Strictly control the quality of each process

Fully automated testing in the fabric inspection process

To ensure product quality to the greatest extent


Each roll of special lining for light coats

is produced under strict requirements

In the fall and winter

It can bring more than warmth

A journey of discovery with many surprises

Broad, dimensional, drapey, soft, shape retaining

Lining for light coats

Stay elegant in the warmth

The elegance of autumn and winter