"Lining" - the skeleton of the suit, your suit is not quite tall supported by it!


The reason why the suit is tall and stylish, the lining of the suit plays an indispensable role.

The clothing after the lining is protected and fixed by an extra layer of lining, so that the clothes are more stylish and durable.

Without affecting the feel and style of the fabric, with the help of the stiffness and elasticity of the interlining, the garment is flat and resistant to wrinkles.

Today we will take you to know together, this support suit silhouette skeleton - "lining"!


The role of the lining

1. Make the clothing have good shape retention. The garment lining gives the garment additional support, reduces the deformation and folds of the garment, and makes the garment more structured and flat.

2. Protect the reverse side of the clothing fabric from being stained, reduce its wear, and improve the durability of the clothing.

3. Enhance the warmth performance of the suit.

4. Because most of the clothing lining is smooth and smooth, the suit is soft and comfortable and easy to put on and take off.