Quality fusible interlining performance


Interlining and fabric bonding

1, Interlining can be firmly bonded with the fabric, the bonding feel soft and bracing, resilience, bonding the surface of the fabric folded back quickly.

2, Interlining bonding temperature is low, shrinkage and fabric coordination.

3,The adhesive is evenly coated, evenly fixed, no leakage of the adhesive, resistant to deadening, and the bonding performance remains unchanged in long-term storage.

4,No mutual adhesion between the interlining fabrics when cutting, no sticky cutting shears, no sticky sewing needles and sewing machines, and slippery when feeding.

5,Does not damage the physiological nature of the garment, such as breathability.


The necessary conditions for the bonding of interlining and fabric

1. Bonding machine: bonding machine generally has two types of roller and flat type.

2, Bonding conditions: bonding conditions include bonding temperature, pressing time and pressure in three areas. Within a certain range of the three elements interact with each other when there is a certain connection. Temperature increases, the pressure increases, the pressing time can be relatively shortened, and vice versa. The temperature is too high, the pressing time is too long, it is easy to destroy the performance and color of the fabric, but also easy to produce through the glue, too much pressure, easy to destroy the fabric (especially light fabrics) appearance.

3, The choice of bonding conditions: before putting into production in large quantities, the bonding conditions must be repeatedly tested to determine the best process conditions (try a small sample, the lining supplier should provide bonding conditions for reference).

After the lining fabric and fabric bonding. Peel it off, if the hot melt adhesive in the lining and fabric are equally distributed, it means that the bonding conditions are appropriate, otherwise it should be retested. After bonding, the fabric surface should be flat, no wrinkle, no bubble, no glue permeability. After bonding, peel strength, dry cleaning, washing performance test, test results to meet the requirements of the production. The effect of bonding should meet the style and characteristics of the garment requirements.