Quality requirements for fabric lining coating processes


Quality is the best criterion for evaluating the quality of a lining fabric.

Today we will talk about the requirements of the lining emulsion coating process. Only if these basic requirements are met can a lining be described as good.


1. The hot glue of the fabric is coated evenly, and the bonding with the fabric can reach a certain peeling strength, and the glue will not be removed during the service life:

2. The lining can be pressed and bonded to the fabric at a suitable temperature, and the pressing will not damage the fabric and affect the feel of the fabric;

3. The hot pressing shrinkage of the lining is consistent with the fabric, and has good conformability after pressing and bonding;

4. No bleeding on the front (one side of the fabric) or back (one side of the lining) of the pressed fabric;

5. The shrinkage of the lining should be consistent with the fabric, bonded with the fabric with a good match, after washing to maintain the appearance of flat, not wrinkled, not rolled:"

6. Permanent bonding type bonded interlining must have good washing resistance, dry cleaning or washing resistance, no degumming and no blistering after washing;

7. Can withstand steam ironing process;

8. Have good flexibility and elasticity, with a suitable feel, can adapt to the requirements of the different feel of the various parts of the garment soft, medium and hard;

9. Good breathability to ensure comfortable wearing

10. With anti-ageing properties, in the lining storage and use period, the bonding strength remains unchanged, no aging yellowing phenomenon;

11. Good shearability. When cutting, it will not stain the blade and the cut edges of the lining will not stick to each other:

12. Good sewability, sliding freely on the sewing machine without staining the eye of the needle. Not all of the above properties are required for interlining, but rather according to the needs of the garment and the fabric. Depending on the type of lining, some of the main properties can be met. Therefore, when making garments, the interlining must be selected according to the requirements of the garment and the performance of the fabric.


KIND has several production lines such as round mesh double dot coating equipment, powder dot coating, mesh coating, drip coating and laminating coating to ensure even coating and soft hand feel of the interlining. We also use hot-melt adhesives imported from all over the world to give the interlining high bonding strength and soft hand feel; we also ensure the interlining is resistant to water washing, dry cleaning and enzyme washing.

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