Suit - the king of men's clothing kingdom of the uncrowned king


Suit, originated in Europe.

After more than 300 years of changes, nowadays it has become popular all over the world, and the reason for its longevity is that it is synonymous with

Because it is "gentleman, elegant, elegant, social elite" synonym, it has always been the king of men's clothing kingdom of the uncrowned king.

Just as every man has a dream of being a soldier and a hero, so does every man have a dream of wearing a suit.

Imagine yourself wearing a handsome suit on the top of life!


Although modern suits come in a variety of styles and colors, simplicity and straightness are still the most basic requirements.

However, simplicity and straightforwardness are still the most basic requirements.

Style, color and simplicity require visible fabrics and patterns.

And the invisible accessories are needed to support the sturdiness!

What we do is to give each suit a unique "style".

We are here to give each suit its own unique "style", to make each suit its own style attributes.

The high quality suit is the ultimate art of good workmanship and good material.

KIND, not only has "good materials", but also can provide customized services with accessories!


1. Shoulder pads, sleeve cage strips

Shoulder pads can make the suit more three-dimensional, straight and linear, and only the perfect coordination of the sleeve cage strip can bring the role of shoulder pads to the best.

2. Chest piece

The chest piece is a combination of black charcoal lining, ponytail lining, and chest cotton. The perfect combination of the three forms the backbone of the suit, making it straight and voluminous.

3. Bonded lining

The elasticity of the bonded lining makes the suit feel fuller and more comfortable to wear, while the superior dry-cleaning performance extends the "life" of the suit.


The above shoulder pads, sleeve cage strips, chest pieces and adhesive linings can be customized according to customers' needs, please contact us if you need more information about the products.