Tape that hold up the soul of the shirt


In addition to the unique non-iron process that keeps the shirt straight, there is also a small, unobtrusive detail that keeps the seams firm and flat, all thanks to the tapes.


What is tape

When shirts are processed, the stitching produces wrinkles due to the pull of the threads.


Tape is suitable for lining the shoulders, plackets and other sewn edges of high-grade shirts and suits, and can be used to set the shape and prevent wrinkles after washing.

The addition of tape to a bespoke shirt makes it look more "stylish" and avoids the wrinkling and distortion that can occur in parts of the shirt after machine washing.


Tapeholds up the soul of the shirt

As we all know, a shirt is for the man, it has to look good, fit well and be well thought of. If "the shirt is a man's robe", then the tape is the soul of the shirt, it represents the "essence" of a shirt.

The tape is the equivalent of the shirt's skeleton, hidden in obscure places. A good tape keeps the shirt three-dimensional, especially the tape at the shoulders, collar and waistline, which directly determines whether or not there is a sense of refinement when you put it on.

When a shirt is washed, if the tapes remain flat and wrinkle-free, the quality of the tapes used in the shirt is good enough. As shown in picture A, the shirt still looks straight even after multiple washes.