The lining of a suit is as important as the fabric.


If the fabric is the skin of the suit, then the lining is the skeleton of the suit. The pattern process of a suit is important, but without a good skeleton, there is no way to hold up a perfect pattern.

The lining is the layer of textile between the fabric and the lining, the material that holds the suit together. It is the lining that makes a formal suit stand out from the slouchy fit of a casual suit.


Lining is generally divided into full linen lining, half linen lining and bonded lining.

This method is simple and easy to master and is suitable for large scale production, which greatly reduces the production time and therefore the price is relatively cheap, and many factories mostly use this process.

As the bonded lining process makes the lining fabric fit tightly to the fabric, the suit will be made with a stiff and dull shape and lack breathability, making it a little stuffy and non-breathable to wear. So, if you choose a premium fabric, don't choose a bonded lining. Bonded linings will also lose their stickiness over time, and when they break away from the fabric, they will blister, greatly reducing the life of the suit.

Semi-linen is a combination of traditional techniques in a modern process where the front of the suit is covered with a bonded lining and then a traditional linen lining fabric is used on the top half of the suit. In layman's terms, the chest is linen lined and the lower half is bonded, taking into account the stiffness of a full linen lining and the price advantage of a bonded lining.

The full linen lining process does not use adhesives, it needs to be hand stitched to the back of the fabric so that there are gaps between the fabric, which allows the fabric to be better retained and the suit to look more natural and breathable, and the hand stitched lining will not come unglued, increasing the life of the suit.


A good suit, on the basis of the choice of the best fabric, must choose a good lining, so as not to waste the fabric, but also to let you wear more stylish Oh ~

So, have you learnt how to choose a lining now?