The secret of light fabric impervious to glue


I believe that many garment brands understand that the use of light fabrics for clothing is easy to produce transparent glue, debonding and blistering and other phenomena. So we all face the light fabric is "love the deep, with the caution".

Difficult to serve the light fabric

The characteristics of light fabrics to clothing production to add a lot of difficulty "social fear" of light fabrics and bonded lining often "phase sex not". Adhesive lining on the glue point too much fabric will become stiff and unnatural; lining on the glue point is too little adhesive fastness will not be enough.


In wearing a period of time or after washing easy to produce blistering, degumming and other phenomena. And because the fabric is too thin, white dots are not able to "hide the line".


KIND Interlining is a "good partner" for thin fabrics

Warp Tricot Interlining is a warp knit interlining with a certain amount of stretch. KIND experts have developed a technical solution to "reconcile" with lightweight fabrics by using this feature of warp knit interlining.


The warp-knit lining is applied in a "different way", bypassing the fusing step, without the need for a fusing machine and without adhesive.

Problems caused by gluing, such as glue-transparent, debonding, blistering, and stiffness of the application area, can be solved by sewing and fixing the fabric.

Warp Tricot Interlining has a unique warp knit construction

It provides support for the application area and maintains the original characteristics of the fabric, making the application area feel natural. In addition to being a "good partner" for light fabrics, Warp Tricot Interlining can also be used with all kinds of sensitive fabrics - such as fabrics that are not suitable for fusing machines or fabrics with excessive heat shrinkage. or fabrics with excessive heat shrinkage, etc.

Warp Tricot Interlining  Collar Application Guide

Warp Tricot Interlining  is used in a wide range of applications for small parts of garments such as collars, cuffs and plackets.