What is a collar lining,What is a collar liner for.


The lining used for the collar area is called collar lining, which is a special bonded lining for suit collars and shirt collars. In order to achieve a certain degree of hardness and stiffness, collar linings are usually treated with resin, so they are also a type of resin lining or hard lining. In the early days of the domestic use of collar lining (hard lining fabric) are mostly imported high-grade products, with the gradual development of China's interlining industry, the supply of collar lining (hard lining fabric) on the market now mainly from domestic production.


(100% Polyester Collar Interlining/Interfacing)

Hard interlining, resin interlining

The choice of collar interlining (hard interlining) is based on the specific use, backing, feel, wash size variation and other factors.

The classification of collar interlining (hard interlining) includes two types of bonded interlining and non-bonded interlining. The base fabric is cotton interlining, polyester-cotton blend, hemp fabric, etc., with a soft feel, but also pile (pile) processing of interlining fabric. Due to the development of the industry now most of the interlining used in collar lining are bonded collar lining, the base fabric mostly uses cotton interlining, polyester-cotton blend, full polyester and other raw materials. In terms of lining hardness, they can be divided into M, S, H, HH, HHH and HHH according to the demand and use of the collar lining (hard lining fabric) hardness.

Hard Interlining, Resin Interlining

The role of collar lining: collar lining (hard lining fabric) is the collar of shirts, suits, coats, etc. forming the "skeleton", to ensure that the shape of the collar design does not go out of shape, has a stiff, reinforcing and solid role, the use of collar lining (hard lining fabric) collar and human neck fit, stable shape, flat and beautiful.

How to use the collar lining: When using the collar lining (hard lining), it is cut at an angle of 45°, in two steps: firstly, it is roughly cut into a long oblique strip, the width of which is the width of the face collar + the height of the collar angle, and the length of which is the length of the collar + more than 2cm at each end; then, it is precisely cut according to the actual size of the collar (width and length) when it is used.


(100% Polyester Collar Interlining/Interfacing)

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